The Power of Zero: The Tax Train is Coming

Presented by LifePlan Group

Welcome to our screening of the Power of Zero. This Lunch and Learn will be in two parts. The first part is on your own to view the film. The second part is a live discussion with Ken and Alex via Zoom. Please see the agenda below to get started.


6:00 PM - Film Begins

Go ahead and start the film below on your own. The password is 38train385. You must hit play to begin the film. You may also click the icon on the bottom right corner of the video to make it full screen. It looks like this: 

7:15 PM - Film Concludes

Feel free to pause the film as you wish to take a break and come back. The film is 75 minutes. We added some buffer time between the film and the Q&A for to you use as you wish.

7:30 PM - Q&A discussion with Alex and Ken

Click here to access the zoom session.

Our session will start on zoom right at 7:30 PM. Please join a few minutes early using the link above at that time. The link is also in your email. Throughout the film please feel free to text in any questions to our texting number, 919-823-9333, so we can address them during the Q&A.

The views expressed in this film are those of the presenter(s) and they do not necessarily reflect the views of LifePlan Group.

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