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How to Close a Retirement Age Gap With Investing

Alex Sutherland, president and investment advisor at Lifeplan Group in Raleigh, North Carolina, says one mistake age-difference couples make is approaching retirement planning like everyone else. “They invest the same way and follow the same rules of thumb,” Sutherland says. “The reality is each spouse needs a customized plan.” He says these individual plans should accommodate both partners’ risk tolerance, time horizon and income needs when they retire. Read the Story

The "Great Transition" Into Retirement

For many people looking to retire, they've been in the workforce for 30, 40, or maybe even 50 years. During that time, they've received paychecks and have saved a portion of that pay for retirement. For their entire adult life, they've been practicing a very successful habit - saving! Now, for the first time - maybe ever - retirement calls for them to spend their savings. We're breaking what we've always known to be a good habit and that is scary! Read the Story

Anyone Who Owns Anything Needs a Will

Death is a hard subject to not only think about, but plan for. And when it comes to writing a will, we tend to use every excuse in the book to put it off. But we're throwing those excuses out the window right now because August is "Make a Will" month. Spectrum News anchor Caroline Blair sat down with investment adviser and LifePlan Group President Alex Sutherland, for some useful tips on how to wisely plan for the future. Read the Story

How to Create a Legacy Plan

“Legacy planning” may sound like something reserved for the very wealthy, but Sutherland says that’s not necessarily true. “Everyone should consider legacy planning. It’s not just for those with high net worth. It’s for anyone who wants their resources to have a purpose when they are gone,” he says. “The question to be asking yourself is: When things are all said and done, what about your money is important to you?” Read the Story

Tips for Last-Minute Tax Filers as Deadline Looms

A lot of tax experts recommended waiting to file this year because of so much tax reform in play, but it is now officially last minute. Alex Sutherland, with Raleigh financial planner Lifeplan Group, said there are two ways people can get in trouble. "The first is if you don't file or if you're late to file," Sutherland said. "So, even if you're not ready to file your taxes by April 17, at least file an extension, and that gives you all the way to Oct. 15 to complete your tax return. Read the Story

What is the Future of Social Security?

The long term future of social security is up in the air and is sure to impact your retirement. Spectrum News anchor Caroline Blair sat down with Ken Sutherland, the founder and investment adviser for LifePlan Group. According to Sutherland, the Social Security Administration said, if nothing is done, money in our country will run out by 2034. However, he said at that time, the fund will collect enough in taxes to earn just under 80 percent of benefits. That’s why Sutherland tells his clients it’s important to have a solid financial plan.   Read the Story

Open Enrollment 2018

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is underway and the questions are rolling in. We sit down with LifePlan Group President and Investment Advisory Alex Sutherland to discuss details around open enrollment.  Read the Story

Financial Cramming for College

Alex Sutherland sits down with Tar Heel Talk to cover the importance of financial discussions for families as students transition to college to make sure students graduate off to a good financial start.  Read the Story

Retirement Planning

A generation ago, retirement was fairly predictable; but today, not so much. We take a look at how planning for our future has changed and how important it is that we take control to prepare for retirement with financial professional Alex Sutherland. Read the Story

College Graduate Financial Tips

Receiving a college degree is the first major step in entering the professional world, but the cost of attaining that degree can set back new grads considerably. LifePlan President and Advisor Alex Sutherland joins us to discuss what new graduates can do to breakdown obstacles. Read the Story

Equal Pay Day

The gender pay gap is something we hear about all the time and it's important issue. LifePlan President and Advisor Alex Sutherland discusses this issue and the bigger impact it has. Read the Story

Being Mindful of Our Money in the New Year

The new year is here and many of us are making resolutions to get in shape, sleep a little more, eat healthier or maybe even save some extra cash. Financial planners say being mindful with our money, can easily help other aspects of our daily lives. Alex Sutherland, Investment Advisor and President of LifePlan Group, breaks down the four easy ways we can stay “Mindful with our Money in 2019”. Read the Story