Introducing Someone to LifePlan

We believe having a trusted advisor help navigate you to and through retirement is a valuable relationship to have. We are honored to serve that role for you and to be available for you to share our work with others.

Introducing Someone to Our Firm:     The LifePlan Group Ambassador's Club

The LifePlan Group Ambassador's Club is how we say thank you to those clients that have shared us with others over the course of the year!  Below are details on how to qualify for the Ambassador's Club and what it entails! 

How to Qualify & Who to Introduce: When you introduce someone to our firm who we are able to meet with, regardless of whether they become a client, you will be a qualified Ambassador for that year!  When thinking of who you might want to introduce to LifePlan Group, we are looking for more people like you!  Those who are within 10 years of retirement or already retired, have saved well and are looking for an ongoing advisory relationship to and through retirement.

The Ambassador's Annual Partnership: Our Ambassador's Club goes beyond simply introducing others to our firm.  Each year, we form a partnership with a local organization so that our success is also the community's success.  In January at our 3rd Annual LifePlan Group Summit, we announced our charitable partnership for 2023 with The Green Chair Project.  The Green Chair Project provides furniture and housewares to those in Wake County facing homelessness, crisis or disaster.

At the Summit, Alex announced a $20,000 charitable gift to The Green Chair Project to kick off our partnership!  Over the course of 2023 we will make additional donations via our Ambassador’s program and here is how we do that:  For every introduction you make to LifePlan that goes through our process, regardless of whether or not they become a client, we'll donate two cribs or beds to children in Wake County who are without one through The Green Chair Project's Sweeter Dreams Program.  Each bed comes complete with a frame, new mattress, pillow and a new set of bedding.  Through our partnership with The Green Chair, we hope to be able to be able to help many children have a bed to sleep in at night.

Our partnership will go beyond the introduction piece in 2023.  We will be scheduling quarterly volunteering opportunities at The Green Chair, hosting a home goods drive for them later in 2023 and dedicating our annual mileage challenge fundraiser in June to helping their cause.  Look to our semi-annual calendar for all of the different ways to become involved!

The Ambassador's Event: Outside of supporting The Green Chair's amazing work, when you introduce us to someone you will become an Ambassador and will be invited to enjoy our annual Ambassador’s event in December of 2023.  Our Ambassador’s event is our most premier event and it’s purpose is to say “thank you” for sharing our firm with others. 


How Do I Introduce Someone?

We have found that different people prefer different ways to be introduced to our firm. Below are some ways you can faciliate an introduction! Once you are ready, submit the form at the bottom of this page! 

  • Semi-Annual Introductory Events: Each year we we host two big introductory events.  One of those events is our Carolina Hurricanes event and the other is a wine and cheese pairing event.  Both are on our events calendar!
  • Monthly Lunch & Learn: Held every second Wednesday of the month, this is a great way for your introduction to 'mingle' with other clients, hear our perspective on financial topics, and begin to get a feel for our firm. 
  • Introductory Phone Call: Your introduction might prefer to speak directly with Alex without attending an event. Often times this is beneficial if they prefer for their first contact to be with an advisor or if they have a pressing concern.
  • Dinner Seminar: Our dinner seminars offer the most in depth view of our firm and the type of planning we do. Click here to see our dinner seminar schedule and RSVP!
  • Other: We know each relationship is unique and we welcome finding the most comfortable way for us to meet your introduction!


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