Introducing LifePlan to Others

We are honored to serve as your financial advisor and understand you place a great deal of trust in our relationship. Sharing us with others is one of the greatest affirmations our work together! We would love to help others you care about solve their financial concerns and help build them a LifePlan Map. 


Who We Serve

As you reflect on who might benefit our work, keep in mind that we specialize in retirement financial planning and work exclusively with those who are retired or within 5 to 10 years of retirement. We are very values driven and don't work with everyone, so as a current client, we know that if you enjoy them, we likely will as well!

We also understand that for each individual or couple there may be a different way that is most comfortable for them to be introduced. You know this person best, so let us know what would be most helpful in that introduction and we likely can accomdate it. Whether that is bringing them to a lunch and learn, dinnner seminar, client event, phone call, or directly in to our office for a visit - give Allison a call and she can go over the best options and dates. 919-858-6119.

We have also included Our Ideal Client profile below as well!

Our Ideal Client

Understands goal attainment requires careful planning: they want to be proactive, intentional, and focused on what is most important to them. They value establishing specific plans to achieve their most meaningful aspirations.

Appreciates Life: they understand there's more to life than "rate of return." "Quality of life," "freedom," and "peace of mind" are important phrases when thinking about what they most want their money to do for them.

Enjoys a holistic, comprehensive approach: they want the benefit of having an advisor who knows their complete financial situation, a "go to resource," their own personal CFO.

Prefers a team approach: they recognize the value of partnering with experts in the respective professions of Finance, Estate and Tax preferring to delegate responsibilities that take away from the truly important areas of their life.

Appreciates the value of a genuine client experience: they consider professional fees as an investment in their own success and appreciate transparency and thorough discussions of fees and services to be received.

Is looking for a partner for life: they want a long term personal relationship with an advisor, someone who knows and understands them, and who will be there for them over the years as issues arise and life circumstances change.