LifePlan Group Estate Planning Interest Form

We are moving closer to being able to integrate Estate Document and Planning services into our comprehensive retirement planning process for you.  To help us be mindful of your current estate plan and possible needs for these services we appreciate if you would complete this survey.  It is our desire and intention to be your go-to advisor making sure that you are well taken care of in all aspects of your financial, tax and estate needs.

Please skip any questions that do not apply to you.

Please select which estate documents you currently have or that which best applies to what you have:
Was your will written in North Carolina?
Approximately, what year were your estate documents completed?
Do you have a North Carolina Financial Power of Attorney?
Do you have a North Carolina Medical Power of Attorney?
Do you have a Living Will or Medical Directives?
Do you have a recently completed HIPAA form?
Approximately, what year were these documents completed?
Do you have those documents signed, notarized, and uploaded to your LifePlan USB ICE Key?
Did you complete any of your documents through an online web-based service?
If you have had your estate plan documents completed by a local attorney, please share who the attorney/ firm was.
Please rate your experience with the above mentioned firm with one being the best and three being the worst.
What help do you yet need with your estate plan? Please select that which best applies to you:
Please include any questions or comments that you would like addressed.