Kim Von Bargen

Client Relationship Manager

Kim Von Bargen

Hello! I love being around people, they give me energy and joy. That is why I love being a member of the LifePlan Group team! I get to spend my days being with my team and all our wonderful clients! I spend a lot of time being with my family and friends as well. Nothing is better than hanging out with people you love and respect!

A pastime and hobby of mine is helping my husband Richie make bird houses and bird watching. We have turned our backyard into a bird sanctuary and a place to either relax and unwind after a long day or week or entertain our family and friends. I particularly love owls, and Richie and I are contemplating taking on the challenge of building an owl house! Beside birds, I also love animals, especially dogs, and am a volunteer with the SPCA of Wake County. Our shih tzu Oliver is the man in charge of our house and our hearts. He along with Richie and myself make up our humble little family.

Family is a very important part of who I am. I moved to Raleigh in 2005, following in the footsteps of my brother, who had moved to the area in 1994, and my parents, who retired and moved down to Raleigh in 2003. I have since bought a home and live in Garner. Being family-oriented and wanting to escape the cold weather of the North made the move a very easy and great choice.

I love being around people, they give me energy and joy.

Kim grew up in New York in Northport, a small suburban town, on the North Shore of Long Island. She graduated from Hunter College, which is located in Manhattan, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies and Communication. People and developing relationships have always been a passion of hers, whether it was befriending all kinds of people as a child to working in different industries both during and after college where she took an interest in helping, supporting, and leading people.

She has recently made a change in her career. She worked in government for several years and, though she met and worked with many amazing people and learned a lot throughout her time in that industry, she made the decision to concentrate her energy on finding a career that allows her to focus on her true passion of building relationships and helping people by finding a company that puts people and building relationships first. That is what brought her to LifePlan Group, where she is surrounded by like-minded and wonderful people. She looks forward to continuing to develop strong relationships with all our clients, both present and future, that she will meet and help during her career!

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